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Make sure your next event doesn’t cost the earth

Invisible chefs cooking for you

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We deliver fresh to homes, offices, events and celebrations

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Our team of passionate chefs are true connoisseurs of food

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Everything – from stocks to sauces – is made in-house

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We prepare good, honest and nutritious food from the very best ingredients

Exclusive unique gifts

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What is sustainable seafood? Seafood which has been caught in a way which does not damage the surrounding environment & the world would be able to sustain if we carried on doing it in the same way indefinitely. Normally to answer the question of sustainability we need to look at a few different factors- mainly: -species of Seafood -method of fishing -geographical area It is hard to make a conclusive assessment about the sustainability of any fish without this information, so in order to know if you’re part of the problem or want to be part of the solution, you need to know where your seafood has come from. ...
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Welcome to Invisible Kitchen, an environmentally friendly, sustainability conscious company.  Bringing a real kitchen, real cooking philosophy and real green philosophy to the world of food catering services in Hong Kong. With chefs, gourmet event planners and even a consultant nutritionist, we offer you a world of details to make life easy: your very own team of gourmet little helpers for any catering occasion.

If you want to know more about what makes Invisible Kitchen so different, find out here. See our Catering Hong Kong service menus here. We’ve got sample menus for BBQ parties, cocktail receptions, office events and more. Alternatively, simply send us your inquiry now and let us help.

Our Invisible Kitchen chefs are here to make life simple: whether it’s tailoring menu items to suit special needs and interests, themes or occasions – or a request for particular ingredients. So if you need our cuisine service, just get in touch.

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