Connoisseurs of good food

With professional training, experience at some of the world’s leading restaurants, and most importantly, a genuine passion for food – our team work to bring a new level of food convenience to Hong Kong.

Cooking well-sourced, natural ingredients with care, nuance and understanding, our team at Invisible Kitchen are true connoisseurs of cuisine, perfecting every aspect of your food.

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Meet Chef Tom

Invisible Kitchen Executive Chef Tom Burney is a British chef with experience in some of the world’s most influential kitchens.

Tom trained classically in France, spending four years in the spiritual home of food before returning to the UK to further his career. Since then, he has worked at legendary restaurants The Fat Duck (three Michelin stars) and The Square (two michelin stars), and has shared kitchens with the likes of Gary Rhodes, Nigel Haworth, James Martin, Michael Caines and Paul Heathcote.

Tom believes good food starts with good produce – and works to source only the very best ingredients, before cooking them with care to maximise their natural characteristics and health benefits.

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Tom’s vision

“I launched Invisible Kitchen to bring effortless & delicious dining experiences to the busy people of Hong Kong.

“My goal is to provide Hong Kong with a new level of catering, by using methods and ingredients found at the world’s finest restaurants, and bringing them to your door, your boat, or wherever you need outstanding food.

“I, my chefs and our team of gourmet helpers create fresh, pure and healthy dining, and hope that you will return again and again.”

Pure cooking

Whether cooking for one person or one thousand, our chefs add no preservatives or artificial additives of any kind. We keep up-to-date with the latest nutritional information and pass on the benefits by translating that knowledge into healthy cooking techniques.

For instance, to brown meats our chefs use ghee instead of oil, because while most oils release harmful ‘free radicals’ at high temperatures, ghee doesn’t.

And we pair our most nutritious foods with healthy fats, as studies show they make your body absorb more of the nutrients. These are just two of the endless details that help our chef’s create your dishes.

From stocks to sauces, and desserts to main dishes, everything is made in-house by our passionate and talented chefs using healthy techniques and obsessively-sourced ingredients – because we simply love food, and we care about cooking.

Why choose Invisible Kitchen?

Our wholesome cuisine is prepared by a team of passionate chefs, and is better, tastier and more fulfilling than restaurants, helpers or supermarkets.

  • Our chefs love food, and care about cooking
  • All our meals are prepared from obsessively-sourced ingredients
  • We use healthy, natural cooking techniques with minimum salt and oil
  • We’re fast, convenient and friendly – delivering chef-made dishes to your door

How we source the best ingredients

Creating pure and wholesome cuisine means sourcing the very best ingredients so we insist on knowing exactly where every ingredient comes from. Our suppliers are a select group of top butchers, fishmongers and growers, carefully selected to meet the high standards our chefs demand.

It’s not easy to become an Invisible Kitchen Approved Supplier. Our suppliers’ produce must come from a clean location, free from industrial pollution. They must be an expert in their field – dedicated and passionate to their craft. Their products, as a result, are first class.

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A world of fine ingredients

We’re always on the lookout for outstanding new suppliers and welcome your

  • img-aboutus-map About Us
  • Beef – Australia or US (depending on the cut)
  • Lamb – New Zealand or Australia
  • Pork – Australia or Holland
  • Sausages, ham, bacon, black pudding and smoked haddock – England, Spain and France
  • Organic, free-range chicken – US
  • Duck, ham and lardons – French
  • Crab and lobsters – Canada and Alaska
  • Salmon – Norway
  • Vegetables – Mostly imported from Europe and Tasmania (believe to be the cleanest place on the planet). We plan to add more Hong Kong organic produce to our meals
  • Cheese – All over Europe
  • Milk, cream, crème fraiche – Australia and France
  • Egg pasta – Italy
  • Activated seeds and nuts –From all over the world
  • Spice rack – From all over the world

Our philosophy

Invisible Kitchen is a chef’s kitchen. Standing over simmering pots and slicing through white onions are our chefs – who believe in making things themselves. Whether it’s stocks, sauces, dips or soups, everything is crafted by our team from our own in-house recipes, so we can ensure the quality of the taste, and know every single ingredient that goes into our dishes.

That’s why we reiterate the wholesome nature of our food. There are no added preservatives to prolong shelf-life, no hidden additives to falsify flavour, just simple, well-sourced ingredients that have been lovingly cooked to perfection by our team of talented chefs, ready to be hand-delivered to our customers.

At Invisible Kitchen we cook professionally, cater culinarily and care unconditionally. We harness all the thought, love, tastings, passion and discipline of a restaurant kitchen, and deliver it to Hong Kong’s home and event diners.

If you like our thinking; you’ll love our cooking.

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Conscious cooking

We believe the key to healthy food is well-sourced ingredients cooked with care.

We use sea salt, which has more essential minerals than table salt. It has more flavour, too, so we use less of it.

We stay current with the latest nutritional information, cook with the healthiest oils, and use minimal oil wherever possible. Due to health benefits, for low temperature cooking we use olive oil, and we use ghee for higher temperatures. Our dressings are made from the finest extra-virgin olive oil.

The Environmental Health Department have requested that all food businesses who operate online display a copy of their food factory license so the public can be sure they are dealing with registered and licensed providers. Here is ours:

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