Backstage at the Lady Gaga Tour in HK

gaga Backstage at the Lady Gaga Tour in HK


We were asked by the tour organisers to help prepare and serve food for the performers and crew of the ‘Born This Way Ball’ tour for 3 nights at the AsiaWorld Arena.

We worked with a team providing breakfast, lunch and dinner onsite to a large and very hungry crew, and a team of less large but just as hungry dancers and performers. We worked from a backstage kitchen onsite at the arena and cooked all day from the eggs-to-order station in the morning through rehearsals, 3 meals and the evening show, finishing with trays of fresh coconuts sent to the dressing room to refresh and rehydrate (natures best isotonic drink!)

We signed an agreement to not take any photos back stage so can’t show you the back of the castle or massive crazy props being set up

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